• Biography

    Alban SCHMUTZ, 34 yo, is Senior Manager at OVH.COM Group, in charge of business development, public and institutional affairs. OVH.COM is the European #1 and #3 worldwide hosting company.

    In 2005, Alban Schmutz started Oxalya, a French leading Software Vendor in High Performance Computing, and remains its CEO until Oxalya became part of OVH.COM Group in September 2012. A wide range of industrial and government labs successfully adopted Oxalya’ portfolio of software or services in Energy, Aeropsace, Automotive and Defense industries. Prestigious customers include Areva, Airbus, Astrium, CEA, EDF, Thales, ArcelorMittal, Renault, Plastic Omnium, Valeo, and many other. OVH + Oxalya will create the #1 company in the Cloud HPC business.

    Alban Schmutz is elected since 2008, to the board of the Systematic competitiveness cluster, which involves 600 research organizations in the Paris Region Area (big companies, research labs and SMEs). He is also member of the board of SystemX Institute for Research and Technology, and was several years member of the boards of the WEB3D Consortium and Scilab consortium.

    Deeply involved in R&D partnerships in the field of numerical simulation, he has coordinated several R&D platform projects up to 28 partners co-funded by the French National Research Agency or the French Ministry of Finance. Research areas are focused on HPC datacenter automation and Scientific Visualization, and were build with leading companies like Dassault Aviation, CEA, EDF, ESI Group, Ansys, Samtech/LMS/Siemens, Dassault Systemes, Renault, Alstom, Airbus, CGG Veritas, HP, Bull, etc.

    Previously, he created in 2000, one of the leading open source company in France: Linagora. He wrote many articles on Open Source business models, and launched the first French speaking professional media dedicated to OSS.

    Alban Schmutz holds several master degrees in Political Sciences (Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris), Telecommunication Management (Institut Telecom) and Entrepreneurship (Institut Telecom, Evry-Val-d’Essonne University).