A19 – Dematerialisation and electronic archiving

Date : Monday, January 28, 2013

Time : 16h30-17h30

Hosted by : Thierry PIETTE-COUDOL (lawyer)

By law, an electronic document has the same value as a paper document. The issue of record keeping is therefore strategic for government bodies and businesses. Which legal obligations should they comply with when implementing an electronic archiving system? What technical constraints should be taken into account?

    • Presentation speakers
      • Alexandre BARBOT, Head of commercial development – Homeland security, SOPRA Group
      • Emmanuel MICHAUD , directeur dĂ©lĂ©guĂ© de Chronoservices et directeur de la branche Services de Confiance, Imprimerie Nationale
      • Jean-Marc RIETSCH, President, FEDISA [FĂ©dĂ©ration de l'ILM (Information Lifecycle Management), du Stockage et de l'Archivage]
      • Jean-Louis BAJU, Director, Cre@tic