1st meeting of the Scientific Committee on 29 June

  • The first meeting of the Scientific Committee of the 2013 edition of the FIC was held in Paris on 29 June 2012.

    The agenda included a presentation of the preliminary programme and an exchange of views.

    The themes the Committee wishes to address in more detail in the programme include:

    • At legislative and regulatory level, do we need a new code of conduct? Or, on the contrary, should we stick to the existing texts?
    • Public-private cooperation: What models?
    • What is the cost of attacks? What are the financial consequences?
    • What is the responsibility of a company in the event of a phishing campaign?
    • What role do providers play in cybersecurity? How can we increase awareness of responsibility?
    • Bank cybercrime
    • The vulnerabilities market: What are the dangers?
    • The security market: What is its size? What are the different segments?
    • The role of hackers in security: To be a good sheriff, must you be a talented delinquent?

    List of participants: General Marc Watin-Augouard (FIC delegate for the National Gendarmerie), Mr David Naccache (Ecole Normale Supérieure Graduate School), Col. Joël Ferry (DGGN), Mr Hugo Saldmann (lawyer), Ms Adeline Champagnat (Ministry of the Interior, OCLCTIC), LCL Eric Freissinet (National Gendarmerie), Mr Eric Filiol (ESIEA), Ms Pamela Voleau (CEIS), Mr Laurent Treillard (CEIS), Mr Jean-Paul Pinte (ICL), CV Sébastien Gourtay (Ministry of Defence), Mr Christian Daviot (ANSSI), Cne Corinne Objois (Inspectorate General of the Armed Forces, Gendarmerie), Mr Patrick Devaux (Nord-Pas de Calais Regional Council), Mr Patrick Bertolo (Euratechnologies), Mr Patrick Lallement (UTT), Mr Denis Fortier (AEF Sécurité globale), Mr Guillaume Tissier (CEIS).

    The Scientific Committee consists mainly of representatives of institutions, graduate schools and universities. Its purpose is to ensure the relevance and scientific consistency of the project.